24 Vital Words that are wrongly used in English – No 3 and 4 will surprise you

The society these days is not based on what you  know, it’s based on how you can express yourself and their are some vital words which are common among us but are wrongly used. 

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 Expressing yourself among the society or your peers is very encouraging but making sure you don’t look like a joke is more important so the environment won’t take chances against you. 

Below are some vital words which are wrongly expressed in the society

  1. FATAL:  Means an accident that involves death 

  2. GHASTLY:  Means an accident without death

  3. FATEFUL:  Means sorrowful

  4. FAITHFUL: Means Trustworthy 

  5. BRANCH: WRONG (This is mostly used in the society referring it to seeing someone when heading back from a destination)  

  6. CALL AT: Right 

  7. NIGHT VIGIL: Wrong

  8. ALL NIGHT: Right


  10. POSSIBLE BEST: Wrong

  11. ASSENT: Means an approval

  12. ACCENT: Means the International or Local language

  13. DAMAGE:  To destroy

  14. DAMAGES: To compensate

  15. PEPPERICH: Wrong

  16. PEPPERY: Right

  17. TRICKY: Right

  18. TRICKISH: Wrong

  19. ILLICIT: Means Illegal

  20. ELICIT: Means to draw out fact from something 

  21. SINCE: When used, does not go with a figure, goes with years or month

  22. FOR: It will go with a figure

  23. ELIGIBLE: Means suitable to be chosen

  24. ILLEGIBLE: Means ability to not see clearly

I hope you have been educated and expect more to follow soon 

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