Check out 5 Celebrity Tattoos That Are Dividing Nigerians (Photos) 

Tattoo is the act of marking the skin with indelible patterns or pictures, However, an individual can choose to express themselves and put important or not so important memories and images on their body for different kinds of reason. 

In Nigeria, tattoos are seen in different ways, they are seen as immoral and dirty while others see it as an expression of self and Celebrities are known to be risk takers and provocateurs. 

Here are 5 female Nigerian celebrities who decided to get tattoos and the reactions that came from each.

1. Tiwa Savage

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage’s full sleeve tattoo  caused a lot of division on social media. For the longest time, the artist rocked a tattoo on her right arm that ended right around her shoulder. 

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Then then decided to complete the tattoo last year and extend it all the way up her arm forming a full sleeve tattoo.

Needless to say, the tattoo caused quite the divisive conversation online. People were polarized. Some people liked the tattoo tweeting out things like “Tiwa Savage’s sleeve tattoo will forever have my heart!! Kai!”, “I’m indifferent about tattoos but abeeeg I’ve got a special liking for Tiwa Savage’s Sleeve tattoo “, and “Tiwa Savage and her sleeve tattoo can choke me idc idc.

Other people did not like the tattoo as much. One user said about it: “As she’s getting older she’s turning into something else. Hanty Tiwa remember your 40+, this kind of things no fit you. You are suppose to be a role model” while another said “At her age, foolishness of d highest order.

2. Moet Abebe

Moet Abebe, Nigerian OAP and media personality, Abebe caused quite a stir and a lot of disagreement on social media when she revealed her 24th tattoo to the world earlier this year . The tattoo reads “you are enough” and its written on her backside.

A lot of people liked the tattoo while some dropped hate comments that the fact that Moet has so many tattoos. One user said “Where next pls? Your forehead and brain right? Just carve a map of Nigeria so we can use you for directing locations” and somebody else said “I think she spelt wrongly it’s meant to be it’s enough??wtf is someone doing with 24tats what are you signing yourself up for? Jeez

3. Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani, Well known stylist, is another celebrity who took to the internet to show off her tattoo and got quite some backlash in return. When Toyin Lawani posed n@ked albeit a cloth in front of her, fans and netizens wondered what the stylist was showing off, her tattoo or body.

Of course some users liked it but a lot of people didn’t. One user said: “She’s showing off her tattoo, breast, butt and frosh skin. Person mama o” while someone else said “Showing prostitution or tattoos which one??

4. Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro, Relationship expert, Blessing tattooed her upper arm with a quote that reads “Denrele Edun said be mad, make a difference” along with her sons’ names Darel & Bryan. This caused quite a ruckus on social media . 

While some people found it to be cute, others did not think so at all. In response to Blessing’s tattoo, one user said: “Can someone tell me what’s going on with some people. Tatoo cele name on their skin that last for eternity. Do they know the consequence of what they are doing? This is totally idiotic” while another person said “Nawa for this lady self..i feel for ppl that listen to dat ur relationship advice..she doesnt act normal at all” 

5. Ayra Starr

Ayra Starr is the last on our list, The singer took to social media to show off a new lower back tattoo.

The tattoo was met with very mixed reaction. One user said “I love your tattoo” while another user said “you don draw tattoo for yansh now now, you no use 5 yrs for industry oo” amidst other things.

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