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Burna boy catches a bra as multiple fans throw their underwear’s at him during a live performance on stage (Video)

Burna Boy performed yesterday  at the Madison Square Garden in New York and the performance was awesome, with ladies throwing their underwears at him.

On Thursday, April 28, The African Giant became the first Nigerian to headline at Madison Square Garden.

While he entertained the crowd, a number of women removed their bras and panties and threw at him on stage.

He caught one woman’s white bra and held on to it while he continued his performance.

The woman later took to Twitter to write about it.


She added: “Y’all know how hard it was to take off my bra under my hoodie.”

She later said that Burna Boy encouraged them to throw more bras.

She wrote: “This guy Burna said don’t be afraid to throw more (bras) last night.”

Watch the (video) below….

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