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Bobrisky former PA disclosed why she joined the adult content, declared what Bobrisky also does for money. (Photos)

Bobrisky former PA disclosed why she joined the adult content declared that Bobrisky also does the same and his ‘audio sugar daddy’ is porn

Bobrisky former PA which everyone knows as Oye kyme, whose porn movies are now on prominent porn sites explains why She joined the adult content.

She explained that she loves sex so much and she can’t hide her talent, oye whose porn movies are on every porn site disclosed that she’s been paid huge money and she’s now a popular porn artist.

she also mentioned that she doesn’t hate bobrisky even tho he as his own bad sides, she claimed that she learnt a lot from him that she learnt from the best.

She also said she don’t think her parent would love to watch her porn videos because they are not on social media and even tho they sees it ‘That’s life’.

Oye added that her boyfriend doesn’t care about the contents she’s posting online. she said, ‘I’m on the most biggest porn site in the world and that’s life’.

Oye also claimed they bob risky also share the same contents but his own is just private and can’t be streamed without using ID which will soon be cast. She further explained that the cross-dresser’s “audio sugar daddy” is porn.

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