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Black is beautiful, but not this type of black


Most African countries are made up of black people, only a small percentage of them are white. Examples of black are Nigerians, Ghana, Uganda and many other African countries. Some white in Africa are the south Africans and few others.

They are fond of saying black is beautiful. This is to appreciate their race or colour, for it is usually said that charity begins at home. If the whites do not like them and tend to launch xenophobic attack on them.


Some are very black, that we became uncertain of the colour to name or group them into. I came across this picture of an African child, the true son of the soil. Very dark to behold. And the question is, do you believe black is actually beautiful?

Furthermore, there was an online trending news about the most beautiful black lady. She actually looked beautiful with the black shining and cool. This make me to say that black is beautiful indeed.



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