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Be Sincere!! Does A Masters Degree Guarantee Jobs?

Since growing up I have always been accustomed to the idea of double up my degree.

Not like it’s a bad thing but what purpose does it serve to run a master or Ph.D. program in the long run.

My Dad is always telling me to do one program here and there.

It gets tiring honestly as I don’t consider myself an academic per say and I would only put in the effort when I see something is absolutely necessary.

A cousin of mine once went to the UK for her masters, previously working at a brewery.

She told me that going for this program would guarantee her an upgrade in department level

Has anyone here got any similar experiences, share your story or those you know of.

Were You Ever Selected For A Job Based On That Or A Promotion?


  1. Having your master degree or phd doesn’t mean you have a job but the knowledge of it can make you establish a good business and live.a better life.

    1. Well most person at their work place they are asked to further inoder to get a promotion….I mean my dad was asked to further for this

  2. No but personal qualities, discipline, Altitude, respect, manner of association or relating with people and the Help of God. Because I know a lot of people but have good job bcos they posses good personal qualities with God on their side as well

  3. So have seen alot of views above..ND not 1 was really satisfying…well I would say being a PhD holder does not guarantee a job…but is 1 of those things u need to get a job alongside knowledge (you go to school doesn’t mean u have d knowledge),character ND a whole lot of others.. experience too does matter…but I wld say it actually gives you an edge over all those persons without a PhD…ND yes in most institutions…you u get promoted according to your degree

  4. Having your master degree does not guarantee you a job,it depends on your character, and your manners of approach

  5. I don’t think so, because the situation of things in our country now is nothing to write home. So it’s better to get involve in any trade.

  6. In as much as it pays to have a masters degree, it doesn’t come easy. And for most people who have it do not have good jobs to show for it. Do whatever appeals to you.

  7. Education doesn’t guarantee a job rather it expose you and give you insight on how to manage your business even create employment for people.

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