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BBNaija’s Housemate,Tochi confessed mistakingly he likes a guy.


A new house mate of BBNaija Reality show, Tochi has got the media buzzing after a get to know you session among the other house mates.
This get to know you session is a platform where each and everyone of the house mates gets to share some information about themselves and further more speak up on their preference on the opposite gender.

It was time for tochi to come up for his turn and it was going well but when it got the point of speaking out his mind on what he favours in a partner that could possibly be his lover, he dropped the bomb shell.
The BBNaija revealed his interest in a certain guy and immediately this statement was out, the house mates could not help but laugh at the slip of tongue.
he quickly took back his words and decided to clear the air by saying that he is interested in women just like a normal man and not his
fellow gender.


Unfortunately even after he corrected himself,the deed has been done as the news went viral on social media.
According to Legit, BBNaija fans took to each of their pages and started doubting and asking if they correctly heard what tochi said. Many people has started whispering around that tochi may not be a straight man due to the slip of tongue made by him.

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