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BBNaija-Teddy A slaps seyi for getting too close(VIDEO)


Big Brother Naija, BBNaija 2018 housemates, on Monday night paid a surprise visit to the ‘Pepper Dem’ Final housemates.

The ex-housemates, Bambam, Teddy A and Rico Swavey paid the housemates a visit as they celebrated Independence Day in the arena games.

During their visit, Seyi was seen standing really close behind Bambam while taking pictures.

This did not go down well with Teddy A, her husband, as he slapped Seyi’s hand slightly from the back whispering to him to stay away from his wife.

NAIJAPALABA recalls that Bambam and Teddy A got married sometime in August. 

This incident has since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Here are some reactions from nigerians on Twitter:

@Dandy_mee “From the part I watched before going to bed, I was really uncomfortable with the way Seyi was getting close to Bambam. I guess Teddy A felt the same way too. Me I would have given him more than a snap because he totally acted like he had no regards for Teddy.”

@loocochi “It’s was just bants and jokes. And you know these housemates don’t know they are married. But notice how Seyi stepped back after he saw the ring? First off Teddy A over reacted with the slap ,also Seyi should have let the issue be.”


@Cryssie89 “But this Seyi jus confirmed what I initially felt about him! Like dude! It’s just like a lady coming to ‘playfully’ hit on my husband in my presence, and u expect me to smile like a dolor? Respect boundaries ma nigga.”

@Aleon116 “Seyi was actually getting too close to her,from all those jokes.”

@Clubdiddy “Is Bambam not aware she is married? If Seyi was getting to close for comfort, she could’ve told him, “I am married now o and my husband is Teddy A”. You can’t have that kinda ass and be thinking you won’t have guys following sheepishly. Lol. I believe Teddy A could’ve done better.”

@Kandel_Pariz “If TeddyA is Insecure with his woman I would respect 2BABA because Annie is constantly been peck by Ik ogbonna, even in his presence.. What Seyi did after was wrong by talking about Teddy after the Carnival.. He should know Teddy is always Jealous when it comes to Bambam.”


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