Basic Fact on How to Make Your First Millions Online – N0 1 is for Millionaires

Many people may have write a lot of tutorials on how to make money online or they may have even tricked you to their blog platform on what you would not understand at the end of the article.

This is the main reason why I brought to you ‘Basic Fact on How to Make Your First Millions Online – N0 1 is for Millionaires’.

I wrote this article just after I realize the pain and confusion people are going through when they are searching on this terms like “How to become a millionaire” and the most searched word of the year is “How to Make Money Online

I will start with a clear logic on how you can make your first million online.

3.Becoming a Writer for news companies:

Thousands of news platform out there offering a lot of money for unique blog posts and you will get paid immediately it has been published you can always leave your number in the comment section if you want to have the lists of the sites that offer you big amount for your unique posts. Click here to know more

2.Being an online consultant for companies:

You may be thinking that how would you start working with companies, it is so simple only if you make it simple for yourself and you set a goal and vision alongside. Click here

Firstly: you need to learn what it takes to be a Consultant for anything

Secondly: you need to give yourself a god packaging e.g printing yourself a personal Identity Card, have a one platform site that tells all about what you are offering. Click here

NOTE AND REMEMBER: That having a website would let people out there think of you as a standard company and as well a professional at what you are offering. And the last mistake most people make is showing themselves as the CEO, it speaks a lot about the company itself and once your client get to degrade you as the CEO you immediately lose the value for that client, so it is better you present yourself as an assigned worker for their project and always at the same time on-call address your self as “WE” e.g we will do it, we offer the best

Start a Blog:

You might be thinking that how the hell would you start a blog with a small amount of money. you don’t need to worry about that, all you need to do is to contact online web agencies that will build for you with a small amount of money.

You might also want to know that having a blog is just as easy as sending Whatsapp messages but making your blog know to the world is where the real money is. Note that if you are successfully doing this you will find my contact to thank me. wish you good luck….

so what do you think, I hope you think fast and start one today and make your first money today


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