Aunty slapped her brother in-law for taking food from her pot by himself without telling her.

Aunty slapped her brother-in-law for taking food from her pot by himself without telling her

Brother-in-law stopped eating at home to avoid further insult.
Brother-in-law is an undergraduate.

The brother noticed and asked his brother why he said nothing.

Brother wasn’t satisfied, asked his wife, aunty said ask your brother.

Brother insisted on finding why so he asked other souls in the house and they told him what happened.

Brother was very angry and felt disrespected by his wife who could have reported to him to handle the issue.

Aunty doesn’t work so brother provides everything down to Maggi.
Brother told the wife to apologize to his brother, aunty said never. That the house is hers.

Brother-in-law jejely carried his luggage and left without telling anyone.

Brother has told his wife to leave his house since she cannot accommodate his family members but feels free with her own family members.

Aunty feels her husband is being unreasonable and seeking to advise on how best to proceed.

Oya, members of the advisory committee, advise

We need your advice
Who’s to be blamed????..(Cp )


    1. The brother-inlaw is not suppose to go to the wife’s pot like that but is not a good reason why the wife should slap her its very disrespectful both need apologies

    2. Auty is to be blamed…I mean if she was upset he took food from her pot.what she should have done is reported to her husband..but slapping him,ND refusing to apologise.. that is the heights of disrespect ND see finish

    3. Non challant. . Igbo women are found of doing shits like this… I’ll kindly disregard the fact that she my brother’s wife then I’ll head her in the face then leave her with a broken nose

    4. The brother in law is to be blamed because he has no right to go to her pot unless if she gives him permission to do so and again don’t put people into temptation because they may fall into it, when you come to somebody’s or relative’s house first and foremost watch and study the person before crossing your limits because some ladies don’t tolerate and don’t take shit.

    5. I think brother in law crossed his boundary, next time he should ask the madam of the house for more if he needs such after all she knows how she runs her pot, everybody cannot get access to the pot like that as if it’s a public pot, though she over stepped her bound, she should not be seen as a domestic servant. She is a big determinant in everywhere in the house, not only in the other room, except her pot is generally open to her relatives.

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