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Arrested fraudsters explains how he duped businessman N14m searching dustbins in federal ministries

Stirring a document into a wastepaper bushel ideally hints the material has outlived its accommodation. Also, for specialists and visitors to corporate affiliations, seeing such bushels isn’t weird.

Strikingly, the canisters suggested regardless to Uche Ujokwu and people from his blackmail syndicate – Ifeanyi Chukwu, Nnegbu Rowland and Lucky Paul. The waste boxes were the spirit of the pack’s criminal endeavors.

The syndicate’s typical technique was to pick whipped reports from the canisters at Federal administrations in Abuja and examined for contacts of associations and representatives searching for contracts from the administrations.

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They would then contact their dumbfounded shocking losses and acted like middle people who could help them with obtaining certain understandings from the administrations where the reports were found.

City Round found that the suspects had deceived a couple of authoritative specialists to an enormous number of naira before karma deserted them starting late when they purportedly assembled N14m from an impermanent laborer perceived essentially as Alhaji.

It was gathered that the syndicate came to Alhaji on the phone in the wake of recouping his suggestion from a repository at the Ministry of Works.

The authoritative laborer had evidently introduced the recommendation for a road improvement adventure and a person from the pack contacted him, stating he was an individual teammate to a boss in the administration where Alhaji had introduced his suggestion.

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He was said to have uncovered to Alhaji that his suggestion was being examined and mentioned that he offer N14m to motivating force high positioning delegates in case he required the understanding avowed.

It unfurled on Alhaji that he had been tricked when he lost correspondence with the fraudsters ensuing to paying the total.

He in this way spoke to the work environment of the Inspector-General of Police and the IGP Intelligence Response Team drove by DCP Abba Kyari was clear to seek after the syndicate.

A police source told our writer that following a long time of following, the instigator, Ujokwu, and three unique people from the pack were caught.

The source expressed, “The people normally stripped through compartments at the bureaucratic assistance secretariats at the Central Business Districts, Abuja, scanning for records or vital understandings disposed of by specialists and associations searching for contracts from the Federal Government.

“Exactly when they found any record, now and again, they would stay in contact with the association or pro with a letterhead from the taxpayer-supported organization where the report was found and expansion a phone number having a spot with a person from the syndicate which the representative or the association would contact.

“In various cases, they will call the association or operator with the phone number found on the report. A couple of delegates and associations the country over fell prey to people from this syndicate and lost an enormous number of naira to their tricks, anyway they sought after into burden they hoodwinked Alhaji of N14m.”

“They made Alhaji acknowledge that if he ought to get the road contract supported, he would need to pay the money to ‘settle’ some high positioning delegates at the administration who may concede the understandings to him. The fraudsters were by then on the run when he understood he had been hoodwinked.”

During interrogation, Ujokwu said he was a representative turned fraudster considering the way that he was one after another a coercion disastrous setback.

The 48-year-old individual explained that he lost his financing to specific men drew in with the formation of fake naira notes in the Jabi zone of Abuja.

He said he attempted to get back the money anyway the people who duped him mentioned that he join the pack, including that he did so when the police couldn’t help him with recouping the money.

He explored, “I live in Suleja domain of Niger State, yet I am from Aboh Mbese, area of Imo State. I was a representative. I transformed into a fraudster after I was cheated. I was going to Wuse Market in Abuja, when a couple of individuals advanced toward me around Jabi and offered to help me with conveying some naira notes. That was in 2006.

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“They assembled N175,000 which was my capital. Right when I comprehended that I have been cheated, I endeavored to get back my money and I got the police being referred to anyway they couldn’t help. I met with those fraudsters and they uncovered to me that the fundamental way for me to recoup my money was to oblige them. They indicated me ‘the business’ and I started conning people.”

He said after some time, he went to Ghana and returned to Nigeria five years sometime later to outline another pack.

Ujokwu included, “Our goal became delegates and associations looking for contracts. We sourced information about our heartbreaking setbacks through canisters around taxpayer driven organization secretariats in Abuja. We got a lot of grievous setbacks and tricked them.

“The N14m we assembled from Alhaji was the movement that provoked my catch. We found his suggestion for road improvement inside a holder and his phone number was on it. We thought about him and hoodwinked him that we were working at the Federal Ministry of Works and that his suggestion was being considered.

“We hoodwinked him into paying us N14m to get the understanding and he got bulldozed. We in general took away after the money was paid. I didn’t have the foggiest thought how the police trailed us. They have closed down my office in Suleja.”

Another suspect, Paul, 33, who hails from Delta State, communicated that he was set up in bogus acts by his late sister, including that he was scanning for money to open a salon.

He expressed, “I went into blackmail since I was scanning for money to start up my beautician business. My sister who is dead by and by was demonstrated me the blackmail work. My sister was a person from the syndicate.

“After her passing, I had her spot in the pack. Our method was to call people and uncover to them that we have to give them contracts. We got people scanning for contracts from the canisters around taxpayer supported organization secretariats.”


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