Are Movies Actually a Forecast of Tomorrows Technology?


I started looking at some old movies like James Bond 007: Tomorrow Never Dies, Knight Rider TV series (1982-1986), Total Recall (1990) just to mention a few and I noticed something. The technology used in these movies during their time was not a trend neither was it in use in any form. This brought up the question are movies actually telling us of tomorrows technology.  Let me show you what caught my attention.

James Bond 007: Tomorrow Never Dies


In this movie James Bond played by Pierce Bronsnan is seen driving the BMW 7 series (BMW 750i) remotely with a Sony Ericsson cell phone. This is no ordinary cell phone as it is designed especially for the vehicle. This is a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) where some of the operations of the car are controlled by a computer which in this case is the Sony Ericsson cell phone.

Knight Rider TV Series (1982-1986)


This series shows a car KITT (Knight Industries 2000 with full AI making this car an autonomous car having the ability to control or drive itself without assistant or monitoring. It served as a companion for Michael Knight.  Note this was a movie done in the 80’s and AI was not in use then.

Total Recall (1990)


The stars in this movie are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. This car to me is more of a futuristic prediction of what it would look like for taxis’ in a few years from now. Johnny Cab an autonomous vehicle is seen taking Arnold from place to place with him ever touching the steer wheel.

For me I think this has inspired auto engineers, software developers in the auto industry in developed countries especially in china to further develop this technology and make it a trend today. What  do you think. Drop your comments.



      1. There is one movie that I watch some time ago I can’t remember the name but they did movie in 2007 is bout this virus exactly like corona virus because the transfer from one body to another and can’t go out, no market people can not go any where on till they get the cure, the funniest part of this thing is the virus came from China, which they discovered from bird

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