“Any student who does not have his/her PVC will have automatic carry-over” – Catholic Priest declares

In a video which has gone viral on social media captured the moment a Catholic Priest sent members from the church back because they didn’t have their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

In the now video, the pastor said;

AS I told you last week, Today if you do not have your PVC with you, you will not attend mass here today. When i said it, some of you took it for granted as if I was joking.

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We have already discussed this with the school authority that any student who does not have his/her PVC will automatically get a carry-over.

If you are coming for mass, carry your PVC, if you don’t have PVC, don’t bother to come. We cannot have Christians fill the church but during elections, only a handful of them will go out to vote. So this is a serious issue.

The Catholic Priest only allowed members with PVC to enter the church premises to celebrate mass and he told those without PVC to go back home.

See video below;

Watch video

Watch video

In other news, A Nigerian law firm in Anambra state has threatened to withhold salaries of employees without without a Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

This was conveyed in an internal memo dated June 8. The firm declared June 9 and 10 work free day to enable their staff get their PVCs ahead of the general elections in 2023.

A lawyer with handle @itzmunachi took to Twitter to share a copy of the internal memo released to this effect. According to the memo, anyone who doesn’t have a PVC will not be paid salary from henceforth.

This has sparked tons of reactions from netizens who opined that it’s not a good move because they are literally threatening their employees.

@okike_ wrote, “Law firm but you’re trampling on people’s fundamental human right?

I think a better way would have been to incentivize it for them. Give everyone who presents their PVC with as little as 1,000 and watch magic happen”

@tireni_codeguru wrote, “God will provide better job for anyone that works in this kind of organization.”

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