AN EYE WITNESS REPORT: A dangerous Risk we took to save our People last night….

How police at Obollo Afor_Benue border collected 4000 each from each passenger and they are more than 60 passengers in that Luxurious alone, that’s about (240,000) in that bus alone

How the Police are turning borders to ATM machine at Benue/Obollo border

How we intercepted more than 60 Alamajirs and Igbo traders at Nsukka coming back from Kano State…..

Around 3:30 pm in the evening one of my friend Abugu Chiabuotu John Ojolojo called me #Senator how where are you? I told him am inside GRA. He said there is a Luxurious bus coming through Obollo- Iheaka- Ovoko- Obukpa- down to Nsukka fully loaded with passengers and they don’t know where they are going because they keep asking people for direction…..

I said turn back and follow them let me block you people at Beach junction. He said ok, I called one Policeman he was not picking then I decided to alert my friend Opata Igbo and explained the situation on the ground. I told him that it’s a Luxurious bus we are already following them once we get to #Total roundabout I will let you know if they are going towards Enugu or following Odenigbo Adani road going towards Anambra…..

We reached Total roundabout they diverted towards Odenigboo road going to Adani. Immediately I diverted to Neighbourhood watch office behind the local government to tell them the situation more than 20 guys were thereafter explaining none of them cared to listen or even followed us. I did not waste my time to make sure we intercept them at Ikengaa Junction where OpataaIgbo is already waiting for me.

Before I reached New Ikenga Hotel Junction Opataa has singlehandedly mounted a roadblock and told them to turn back. The guys around saw the courage and in us and came out to support us before the police patrol came around and said they will escort them back to the Benue border. I and Opata volunteered to follow them back.

Do you know what happened on getting back to Total roundabout those policemen in Nsukka compromised immediately and collected money from them and showed them another direction to follow Enugu road? We were shocked and angry, I wanted to give up but Opataaa resisted and said let’s move on let’s intercept them at Opi Junction Nsukka.

What helped in tracking them very easily was the LiveStreaming I did at New Ikenga Hotel Junction to create awareness of what is happening then the information circulated and people started calling me to know where we are at the moment.

Getting close to Cospam Enugu road two guys saw us and joined us in following them but they refused to stop. Until one of our cars was able to double-cross they stopped and came out of his car… Immediately they stopped the next minute Soldiers arrived.

With the help of an Army officer by name Captain Yusuf and Ezeh Samuel Chuks who mobilized Opi Neighbourhood watch to wait for us at Opi Junction, we escorted them back to BenueBorder.

On getting close to one bush area along the Benue Express road Captain Yusuf stopped and said let’s ask them some questions about how they came into Enugu…..

In summary, the driver opened up because he is an #Igbo man and said that each passenger paid #4000 each at the Benue_Obollo border to cross into Enugu… They are more than 60 people in the Luxurious that’s almost #240,000 in one particular vehicle that we intercepted……

On getting to the main border the Policemen on duty denied it in front of the Captain but the driver insisted that they gave them that money in front of us.

At a point, the Army Captain told us we have done our job let’s go back because it’s already 8 pm in the night….. We all separated and moved to our various destinations…..

Both the Police
The so-called Forest guard
The local vigilante
The civil defense we met at the Enugu border has all failed.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi this is the situation on the ground and how the so-called security men are sabotaging EnuguState and Igbos in general…


  1. Can you imagine…the people that were asked to protect d country are the once trying to kill us…..they had better be punished for this

  2. I no that will don’t have police in this country they have turned them self to agbero,and our government are listing all this every day nothing was done about it.

  3. When I tell people that there is no security in this our country,all the security agent in Nigeria are not trustworthy when the see money like this they forget their role as a security officer, it only God that can save us in nigeria

  4. Lol,, pathetic Africans… I best believe they still doing time with the “phrase”. (No risk no reward)

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