Are you sure you want to do this?” He whispered as though withdrawing from a trance as they parted lips for the first time in what seemed like forever. He knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her but he had to make sure the frail ugly duckling little girl who’d grown into a dashing lanky brunette overnight and whom had considered him big brother and he had in return always convinced himself was fit into no place but the baby sister cadre in his life was ready to compromise their ever-gleaming brother-sister relationship, thus consenting to his long-standing urge to mutate the intensity of the intimacy of their relationship.

“Yeah.” she replied with a splintered voice, catching quick breaths. At some point she thought she was going to choke but then fresh air was the last thing she’d break this moment for, after all, the incessant gush of heated peppermint and cantaloupe from his lungs filling her mouth, spiraling all over her body and zapping every pleasure point it stumbled upon filled in completely for every amount of oxygen that could possibly be required to keep her body system functioning.
His hands clutching her bare buttocks groped its way to her thongs. Her thigh twitched. Then he hesitated and held her gaze. She knew why. He knew she knew why. Damn why won’t he?

They were at this point of glow the first time they both succumbed to their lust for one another when she chickened out and bolted. Last week in a nightclub. The excessive booze they both had had shrouded their common sense and their libido had surfaced. They devoured each other right from the bar to the lap dance booth.
But today had been different. She had walked into his flat and without uttering a word, peeled off. Totally sober!

The thought of that alone fired him up and he had drove himself into her before she could nod him to proceed. All she did was moan as he sheathed and unsheathed himself between her legs.

“You were amazing, that was amazing.” She gasped when he finally collapsed beside her.
“I’d say the same if it wouldn’t cost me my best friend.”
She rolled over him and crouched right atop his hard place. “Don’t worry about my brother, Kenny already gave his blessings.” She stooped, her breast brushing his chest. His groin throbbed.
“All you need to worry about is my turn.”
“Shush, I’m in charge now.” She begun to make a candy out of his groin. That was how the afterglow became the beginning of a new glow.


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