Alibaba reacts to video of mother fighting school’s security guards after daughter fixed lashes


Just recently, a video went viral on social media where the mother of a secondary school student was seen fighting the school’s security. The fight ensued after the student was refused entry for fixing eyelashes. Comedian Alibaba has shared his opinion on the now viral video.

Every organisation or society is governed by rules so as to keep things in order. Well, despite the set down rules and regulations, some people still boldly flout them and also face the consequences.

Just recently, a video went viral on social media where a teenage student at Queens’ College was refused entry into the school for fixing eyelashes. To make the situation worse, the student’s mother engaged in a fight with the school’s security for not allowing her daughter access.

The video caused quite a stir on social media as several people shared their opinion on the matter. Many were of the view that the mother is a bad one while others wondered how fixing eyelashes is a hindrance to studies.

Well, popular comedian, Alibaba has taken to his Instagram page to react to the viral topic. According to the veteran entertainer, there are rules.

Alibaba posted a photo of the erring student and posted a caption that reads: “Happy Mother’s Day… slay queen… from queens’ college. Not Queens’ College ooo. Because there are rules. (Let me come use this video to weed out some senseless people from my timeline)”

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