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Advice please: My father sleeps with my maid what should I do?


Answer 1

A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. In a marriage,man and woman think more of the partnership than they do themselves. It is an interweaving of interests and a facing of sacrifice together for the sake of both. It’s feeling of security and contentment comes from mutual efforts.

No two human beings can possibly live together,in the most intimate emotional relationship known, without sometimes frustrating the hopes and expectations of each other. Understanding is needed because,where love is blocked,it turns into hate,anger and only the lust.

Sex is much more than the gratification of an appetite. It is the basis,of an intimate life long relationship cum companionship,a home, and the means of bringing into the world children who we love and cherish as long as we live. Down through the ages we have learned that love and mutual respect must be the basis of close intimacy between the sexes, unless both are to feel degraded as a result. Sex, like any other tendency in man,must be regulated between couples. In the absence of this,man finds his tendencies running wild if he doesn’t regulate.

When I put this question to a humourously active friend he said, after all what else you can do? If your father has taken your maid, sacrifice,you go to a different aid,but be careful of aids!

There are only two choices. One should be obedient to the civilization or surrender to animal instincts. One who doesn’t have self mastery cannot have mentally matured over physical weaknesses. The modren attitude towards sex has become unbalanced supports your father’s attitude. Now, the present globalization making ‘Fetish’of the subject through over emphasis on the part sex plays in life. Now,there is so much emphasis on the part of the erotic side of life by commercialising it,that the man is exposed to a ceaseless barrage of sexual stimulation from all sides. Everything is in unbalanced state of affairs.

The press, the screen, and the arts generally,are all guilty,to some extent ,of over emphasis of the sex. Like fire sex is a good servant but a bad master.

The particular incident may be due to the unhappy married life to the extent and the current erotic scenario. Decide who must be blamed?

Married couple should exercise greater control of their will power in order to maintain morality in sexual life to lead a happy family life without giving scope to a new entry in their life. May be for an extra child or a maid like that of the subject whatsoever!

Answer 2


Sack that filthy whore. She should know her place and respect boundaries. He couldn’t sleep with her if she didn’t open her legs voluntarily. Maids are notorious homewreckers and are known for seducing/screwing the men in the houses where they work, then blackmailing them for money. Convince her you have some visual evidence and that if she don’t go away quietly you can destroy her. Circulate her photo for boycott, make sure everyone knows she is bad news so they don’t hire her.

Answer 3

Confront him directly

Tell him that you respect him a lot & to see him do something like this hurts u very much.

If your mother is supporting him I’m not sure that he will stop what he is doing


You either have to encourage your mother to stand up for herself or appeal to your dad to not do this before your own eyes

I’m sorry you are in this situation hope something changes soon

Answer 4

Do nothing. Your mom may be sexually inactive due to ageing. Your dad is sleeping with your maid to fulfill his sexual needs. Perhaps your maid is happy with it. If none of them is having problem, then why should you worry about this? If you wanna sleep with ur maid, you can say it to ur maid regarding it. I think she will agree. I think ur father will not go angry, when he com to know about it.


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