Actress, Carolyna Hutchings reacts after being called out for allegedly lying about her age

Carolyn Hutchings, Popular Nollywood actress, has denied allegations that she falsified her age.

The thespian who celebrated her 35th birthday on Sunday, June 26 went under fire for allegedly falsifying her age, as netizens claimed that she was older than 35.

She was tackled by a number of Nigerians on social media, including a movie producer who is acquainted with the actress, for allegedly lying about her age.

The producer claims Carolyna is four years older than she is, and yet she is claiming to be 35 years old when she is currently 38.

“Lol, Ekanem please. No be only 35. When i co- produced my first movie “foreign affairs” which you starred in, I was 18 and you were 22. I’m 38 today. Na Twitter people una go dey bobo like this,” the colleague wrote.

Another Twitter user, claimed Carolyna Hutchings has been claiming 35 since 2007.

Interestingly, the tweet’s comment caught the actress’ attention and she reacted.

“Your mother, the old witch, is the liar,” she tweeted in reply.

See the exchange below,

Carolyna’s response has, however, stirred fresh reactions on social media, with many berating her response. See some comments as you scroll.

@Sir_Experience wrote, “LoL People are calling you out for falsification of your age the next thing is to call their mother an Old witch. No forget say you self don dey old is a matter of time”.

@savageCross71, “She herself be old witch naim make the matter dey pain am”.

@raytedRay7, “Your lies have now made you to be cursing on a day like this..”.

Taking to her Instagram page to further address those doubting her age, Sharing a picture of herself, her mum, and her child, she said…

“This is my mum who is in her 50’s , so how in Gods name will I be 46 ???????? Am I reducing my age because
1. I need a job in a company ?? I am the CEO of mine
2. Reducing my age for nollywood ?? An actor can act both young and old roles , makeup can be applied .
3. I am reducing my age because of school ?? I have enough certificates already
4. Reducing my age because of relationship ?? A good man will love his woman regardless of her age

5. Reduce my age for your validation ?? I DONT GIVE 2 F’ssss about you sugar
6. Not everyone in a class are the same age . In secondary school I had people 5 years older than me in my class , in uni my assis rep was 45 years old , in my masters my class rep was 23 and I 34 , my MBA I had both young and old …
7. Just because you acted a movie with me does NOT mean we are the same age ..
8.. you are asking for my birth certificate , have you seen your own mother and fathers birth certificate before ???”

Read her full post below,

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