July 2, 2022
Access Bank Denies Closure Of 340 Branches In Nigeria

Access Bank PLC has denied the rumors making around media that it has closed down and has urged its customers and the general public to disregard the news.

According to Daily Sun, The Media Relation Officer of Access Bank, Mr. Abdul Imoyo, says the online report is misleading.

According to him, “branches were closed at the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown.

As the structure of the lockdown has been relaxed, the branches will be reopened in a phased approach and with adherence to physical distancing guidelines.

“We advised the public when we closed over 540 branches (60 left to operate) in response to our business continuity plan for the crisis of this nature.

This was further buttressed by the Lagos State and subsequently the FGN’s stay-at-home or work from home order. With the proposed lifting of that order from May 4th, we recognize that the threat of the virus is still out there and are planning to do a phased opening of the branches. So yes an additional 200 branches (bringing the total to 260) would be opened in the first phase.

The staff at the frontline are also people’s sons, daughters, wives, husbands e.t.c and we have to be very mindful of how we expose them. So the staff would also be rotated.

We have however made arrangements to pair the branches so customers whose branches are yet to be opened can be served from an alternate branch and those messages are going out to customers over this weekend and by Monday.”

There have been series of reports that Access Bank is going to shut 340 of its branches worldwide to contain the effect of COVID-19 and this has attracted criticism from many Nigerians, making jest of them for donating 1Billion naira to the Federal Government.

59 thoughts on “Access Bank Denies Closure Of 340 Branches In Nigeria

    1. They have donated 1b and now they are sacking staffs as well

  1. When they acquired Diamond bank and were forming boss of all bosses, I was just looking at them..

    1. They have donated 1b and now they are sacking staffs as well

    1. Those people accepting to work in the bank, I give it up for them

    1. Because they have bought over diamond Bank,so they now have too much staffs

    1. Its not a negative rumor at all.
      Its what the banks planned especially Access Bank but thank God for CBN directives.

  2. The steps taken by the CBN is far better than Covid-19 itself.
    This our employers should always consider us as a human being like them.

      1. Exactly. They don’t care about their staffs. Only their profit.

  3. Anyways I have made up my mind, bank job is not it for me.

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