Abusive husband and his mother has been accused of poisoning his wife to death.

Yetunde Balogun has been reportedly dead after she was poisoned and her friends are accusing her husband and his mother of been responsible of her death..

The deceased reportedly converted from Christianity to Islam so as to marry her husband, a Muslim man., The couples gave birth to two children.

However, according to Yetunde’s friends, the deceased, who is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, Linguistics Department, suffered domestic violence and complained to close friends and family.

She reportedly left her marriage but later returned after her husband pleaded.

After accepting her husband’s apology and went back home ,she began to complain to her friends that her husband doesn’t eat at home anymore.

On Monday, April 11, her husband allegedly returned home with food for her, which he allegedly said was prepared by his mother.

Shortly after eating, Yetunde called a friend to complain of severe stomach pain. She died that same day in the hospital she was rushed to

According to her Friends, Yetunde’s husband told them she consumed a poisonous substance trying to take her life, but the friends said Yetunde already made a call before her death to inform a friend when she suspected the food she was given was poisoned and are children also ate out of the food and they are still in the hospital.

Friends are asking for an investigation into her death.

Graduates of Unilorin have gone on Facebook to mourn her.

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