Abacha’s Loot: Focus On How The Fund Is Being Utilized Instead of Asking Rhetorical Question – AGF

Abacha’s loot: Focus On How The Fund Is Being Utilized Instead of Asking Rhetorical Question – AGF

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malam, has advised Nigerians on the way Abacha looted fund is being rather than asking irrelevant questions.

According to the statement released by the office of Attorney-General of the Federal, Mallam stated that the majority of the controversies being generated on media regarding the Abacha recovered looted fund should be put aside.

The Attorney-General of the Federation said that the word termed ‘Abacha loot’ should be changed because the funds were legitimately recovered and have become an asset.

He advised Nigerians to concentrate more on how the funds are being used instead of engaging in what he termed a contest of ‘verbal dexterity and vocal acrobatics’.

Read the full statement below,

Earlier this week Nigeria has recovered over $311 million of stolen funds from the country’s former military ruler, General Sani Abacha from the United States and Jersey


    1. The truth is, can they manage that fund properly?
      Shey Nigeria have civil servants, Nysc and then other means to get across to people’s account. Let them start funding this accounts naw. Let them increase civil servants payment, give allowances to corpers and then humanitarian works in the societies. These are visible way they can work on this fund.

      The question what is the essence of them keeping the money with themselves..hmmm

  1. Every one that worked under him during his tenure shld be interrogated..they can’t say they had no idea…how can sunch a huge amount be Missing ND non of them even noticed

    1. You see ba…is just like beating a child and giving him biscuit in exchange. When the child will be asked, who beat you. Trust me, he will point to something else or even say no body. That’s how corruption started.
      All those ones have been fed as well to keep quiet. And I’m sure their lives have been laid on a platform of threat.
      So what would they do than to succour.?

  2. There nothing you do in life that you can go Scott free. Don’t forget one day your will fetch you out

  3. With the money this guy stole he can buy 5 African countries oif they shared this money 1,1 million Nairaland to all Nigerians it will still be remaining but greediness will not let them do . Everybody for be millionaire

  4. Abacha is a king.. Walahi, he single handedly raided Nigerias cash system lol.
    Him money no go finish Untill this world finish,
    He’s my role model

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