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A woman is not complete without a man- Sylvia Ukaatu


Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu, has taken to social media to share her thoughts on women and marriage and the important role a man plays in a woman’s life.

In an era when the call for gender equality has become louder and many people are beginning to see its importance, it appears there are still people who believe and support the power that patriarchy holds, and they remain unapologetic about it.

Ukaatu left many people stunned when she took to her Instagram page to to speak on the need for a woman to settle down and the importance of men in their lives.

In her words: “We (women) are not complete without a man, get yourself a shield over you even if it takes being someone’s 2nd ,3rd.women be married. For the records we all are not destined to be someone’s first…. Don’t be deceived on hope until time eludes you.”

Her post received numerous reactions from social media users, many of whom spared no words in lambasting her for holding such an opinion.

See reactions below:

“pretty_meggyy: Both men and women needs each other but for second and third wife God forbid,I won’t take someone’s husband and nobody would take mine..”


“chenfragrancesng: This is a view of desperation.. some women sef. Tufia!”

“manuelxx__: So just because you want to feel complete with a man then you should lower you standard and trash your self worth? Okaaaay! Ride on aunty “


“rebelrae209: A liberated mind would not get offended at such an enslaved comment as this. Think about that..alas good luck with your 2nd or 3rd position as a wife‍♀️”

“eniola_adams: This is the kind of backward mentality that turns women to slaves…Soo stooopppiiddddd”

“daintee1: Everyone be forming relationship expert, Sha don’t come near my zone cos u will not live to see the light of the day..”

“praz_reed: This one needs paracetamol and cane”

“iam_omohti: The society we live in. Women are pressured to believe that marriage is their ultimate goal or having a man validate their existence ”

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