9 Different Type Of V*ginal Odour And What They Mean

1) Fishy: If your vag Ina gives off a strong, fishy Odour, chances are you have an infection down there.

this could be caused either by bacterial vaginosis or Trichomoniasis. You should see a doctor for help.

2) Sweet : having citrus fruits such as pineapple, oranges, and grapefruit can actually sweeten the smell and taste of your va ginal fluids. If you are not happy about this smell then you might want a cut down on citrus fruits.

3) Musky : if you hit the gym or go out for a run, you may notice a strong Musky smell. This is often due to an increasing amount of sweetness in the area. The shower will easily take care of that.

4) Bleach/chorine: like smell: the use of con doms or lubricants can lead to this smell. This Odour is not indicative of any medical condition and all you need to do is buy some fresh con doms and lubricant. Douching is not the solution.


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