70 yr Old Man Arrested For Insulting President Buhari And Governor Aminu Masari Sentenced To 18 Months imprisonment

A court sitting in Katsina State on Tuesday sentenced a 70-year-old man, Lawal Izala, to 18 months imprisonment.

Izala was arrested last week for allegedly insulting President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Aminu Masari.

The septuagenarian and two others were arraigned for inciting disobedience to civil authorities and disrespect to authorities through demeaning utterances.

But speaking with journalists on Tuesday, Izala said he spoke out of anger when he visited his village and found out that bandits had killed his family members and rustled 15 of his cows.

Delivering judgement on the matter, the court found Izala guilty of two count charges of inciting violence and disrespect for civil authorities.  See Also Free Speech I Spoke Out Of Anger After Bandits Killed My Family, Rustled 15 Cows –70-year-old Man Arrested For Insulting President Buhari

He was sentenced to six months jail term for the first charge and one year for the other charge.

Izala was however, given the option of ₦10,000 fine for the first charge and N20,000 for the second offence.

SaharaReporters gathered that some kind-hearted fellows in the state paid the N30,000 fine and the 70-year-old had been released.


    1. Does it shows love for whom they swore to serve, I believe in more advance country with good leaders try to know the reasons behind pple action so as to help them adjust if the need be on their system of leadership without them they wouldn’t have been a govt nor a President. How then can we be our brothers keeper or make people feel recognized and accepted in their homeland…

    2. If anyone is tell in our government the bitter truth, they will regard it as an insult. Are they out of their senses or how?
      Just can’t understand this country anymore.
      Imagine the recent Abacha loot the US return to us just of recent, despite that huge amount of money, yet they are still going to the UN to borrow money and they told UN they will raise the money back through the electricity tarrif increase.
      If you tell them the truth about that now, they will say that you are insulting them.
      Gandu people.

    3. Buhari is not the first president insulted and the heavens did not, what is the whole noise and fuzz about this. Jailing an old man of the same age with the president simply because he expressed himself in anger or not is a shame. Where is the freedom of speech when people are gagged from saying their mind and what is wrong with govt.

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