7 easy ways to spice up your s3x life with your partner

Have you been searching for non-stop s3xual energy? Worry no more.

You would have met the couple Femi and Yinka played by Gabriel Afolayan and Kehinde Bankole respectively in the Netflix original series, ‘Blood Sisters’ (that is if you have watched it) but if you haven’t, try to do so, because in every scene together, this couple had a lot of s3xual tension, steamy s3x and chemistry in the movie. In every scene together, they had a lot of s3xual tension, steamy s3x and chemistry.

Even while they were in trouble, they had time for s3x which makes you wonder if they ever got tired of s3x – one minute they are killing, the next they have their tongues down each other throats.

S3x between couples can reduce over time but do not worry, we have seven ways to spice up your time in the sheets.

1. Have a lot of makeup s3x

I am not saying you should pick up fights with each other just because you want to have s3x but you should have s3x after a fight or even during one. It would be so good because during lovemaking you are utilizing all that unbridled anger, tension and love for them to make magic happen.

2. Use s3x as a reward

Having s3x as a reward makes you do something wild and crazy, It could be a reward for yourself or your partner but having s3x as a reward has some kink to it. Something like, “If you do this or that, then we get to do something wild and crazy,” that way you both are anticipating it.

Or you can tell yourself, if I close this deal or finish this project, I am going to do this or that with my partner.

3. Go to the gym

If you are looking for a skill to throw her up, here is it. Going to the gym does wonder for your pheromones and it releases s3x-related hormones. Working out will make you h*rny, Working out also increases your strength and stamina. Plus, the s3xier and more confidence you feel, the more you want to have s3x.

4. Dress the part and set the mood

If you have watched Femi and Yinka, definitely you will know what it means to dress nice, you would see Yinka in s3xy lingerie many times. Sisters! Go get the lingerie and entice your man, let him see you on that s3xy lingerie,  it is not every time you wear sweatpants. Wear nice lipstick, preferably red, spray sweet perfume, and be the seductress!

Men light the candles, change their bedsheets, lit an aromatic candles and play sweet music.

5. Enjoy each other’s company or spend time apart

Do whichever works for you, either going on a lot of dates be it, dinner night, museum dates, lunch dates, picnic dates, concert dates and so on. Spending time with each other increases your bond, closeness and love and makes you want to get freaky in the sheets.

Some other couples are more turned on after staying off each other for some time. Go on a s3x fast but still tease each other. When you come back together, the s3x would have improved.

6. Open your mind

You need to open your mind while having s3x, Let your mind be thinking of different and nastiest styles Which is still safe to do and do it!

7. Rest

Finally, You need to get enough rest, don’t look down on the effect of peace and quiet in your mind to get you in the mood, And if you are tired of s3x,  Probably you are physically tired too.


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