5 Trends That Need Our Close Attention

Technology no doubt has helped make life easy. It has made communication, learning, production and manufacturing easier than before enabling man to do more in a really short time thus saving energy and maximizing profits. As man seeks better ways of doing things using technology, trends are created. Trends are the directions in which something changes or develops. So we can say technological trends are the directions in which technology develops or changes and today we are going to be looking at five trends that needs our attention.

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

What we know today as virtual reality started in the 19th century precisely in 1800. In the middle part of 1980 Jaron Lanier began creating gears for which he believed will enable humans to experience virtual reality which was when virtual reality was first used for the first time. Virtual reality creates a simulated environment or object that resembles actual reality. It immerses you in a simulated environment. This is deployed today in training, gaming, architecture, gaming and even exhibitions and marketing.

Augmented reality on the other hand goes a little further by bringing both simulated environment and reality together. This is being deployed for flight training, classroom education and repair and maintenance.

2. Machine Learning

What  have come to know about machines since they were first created is to assist man in performing tasks by programming them to do so. With machine learning machines are programmed to learn something that is not encoded in their programming. It is like trying to give machines human ability to learn something new. Although still in development machine learning engineers are being sought after for machine learning’s potential.

3. Edge Computing

The need for edge computing came to be due to the fact that more and more data is being created and as such more space is needed to store or accommodate such data. Edge computing is called the cloud bringing data storage closer to where it is needed by a system of networks that deliver content. It started in 1990 and is now becoming popular mostly in developed countries. It is being used in Africa but in a small scale because of our level of  technological development.

4. Blockchain

This is very popular around the world including Africa because from it came bitcoin, ethereum and dash coin which is decentralized and not controlled by anybody.  Blockchain offers security because you can only add to it and not subtract from it. This is security on its own. It has provided jobs for so many as professionals in blockchain are sought after

5. Cybersecurity

This is a challenge all around the world because hackers are working hard to steal data fro their own ends. This means security measures need to be put I place to stop hackers on their tracks by creating softwares to help do this.

Nigeria should take advantage of these Right? Leave your comments Below. Peace.


  1. I still see Nigeria coming up because we have great talented entrepreneurs doing well in the technology industry

  2. Nigeria has a long way to go in achieving concrete technology measures.I am not sure they really want to invest in technology

  3. Nigeria still far behind talking about technology, and our government not ready to push forward.
    Meanwhile, diverse technological advancement everyday.

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