5 things your parent never told you when you are growing up – N0. 5 is the biggest secrete

Many would think there was nothing hidden from them while they were growing up

Many would think there was nothing hidden from them while they were growing up but a lot was hidden from children of those days and it is not always the parent fault not to teach these things.

Parent teaching

Their are two main reason for not teaching these things .

if not that these things are not what most parents get to know while they were also growing up.

But in these article you will get to know what you have not been told and what changes you need to make to move on.

Mostly if you are from Nigeria your parent would always let you know as a lady directly or indirectly that you will end up in a mans kitchen which we get to know that these things are false.

Their is a saying that what a man can do a woman can do better, as a lady you need to keep these words and work on it as it will guild you to also do thing you are underated of doing e.g becoming an entrepreneur like our men does and also doing all types of business a man does and not being dependent.

But with the look of things in the united state their women are far better in business than their men or I would say doing business over their is a competition.

Things you were never told as a child

  1. Become Anything in Life.

  2. You are special

  3. Believe in your work

  4. Build on your idea

  5. Keep Grinding

The listed things above would be explained step by step below.

1. Become Anything in Life:

Become anything in life

First you need to know that being a successful businessman or businesswoman their are some qualities you need to have and these qualities are what your environment have put in you the people you mingle with when you are young or at some stage in your life eg, your friends, your parent motivations and your school.

“Your Friends” —-

If the friends around you are also what you want to become or they are creative as a child you are then ready for what the future will bring.

“Your Parent Motivation” —–

As a child or adult what you should have as a parent or your parent should have is the ability to motivate their child neither is a male of female you as a parent should motivate you child in all ways eg giving advice when it is needed, setting up a small business for your child you don’t need to have much to set a business for you child you should have it at the back of your mind that you are also teaching them.

2. You are special

You are special

Letting you know that their is no other version of you that’s what makes you special, your mistake, your credit, your character is yours no one is sharing that with you. Your parent never let you know these things because these was also not also thought to them. That is what make you have no excuse for not doing it.

Note: you are responsible for your actions

3. Believe in your work

Believe in yourself

Believing in your work and in yourself is a key thing to conquer the future and to succeed in your business.

4. Build on your idea:

Build on your idea

You must know that your idea is always rubbish to others when you have not execute it and prove to people it is real and profitable. So making sure you are creative and building on that creativity and not giving up make you who you truly are.

5. Keep Grinding

Keep grinding

What we call grinding is when you keep applying the same energy you put in your work at first and not resting until you succeed that is what we call grinding. So no matter what you do make sure you grind and wait for the pay day.

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