5 Things You will Find Relatable If You Have Big Boobs

If you’ve had big boobs, your friend would likely remind you that you are so lucky almost every time. But you know deep down, the real struggle of you have enlarged breast. While the average boost woman may not be able to relate to the struggle

Here are the five things you will relate to:-

1) Bra shopping is hectic:- other women will probably never understand the struggle of finding the right fit or needing to go to a high-end shop and be properly measured for a bra, also bra choice for bustier ladies don’t come in many varieties also other sizes do and that just sucks.

2)the back pain isn’t cute:- the pressure the two melons put on your back is unbearable, to say the least. Large breasts can cause upper back pain by altering the curvature of the spine, women with breast cups size D and above usually have greater curvatures of the spine than small-breasted women and only they know how hurtful this feels.


      1. Please girls , what’s your advice contribution to your fellow girls with this type of boobs and who are going through all this secre pains in them

        1. Them no get choice nah to bear am alone after al…we with small boobs no dey follow they share the hailing nd accolades wey them dey receive

  1. Ladies go through a lot,from monthly menstrual pain,big boobs effect,childbirth,menopause,marriage,etc wow about out to all the women in the world.You all rock.

  2. They should have the pains as equally as they have all the looks from guys. But on a serious note I feel pity for women for different pains they pass through in life.

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