5 Thing You And Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Should Talk About Before Saying “Will You Marry Me” (No.4 Is Very Key)

5 Thing You And Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Should Talk About Before Saying “Will You Marry Me” (No.4 Is Very Key)      If you have been planning on getting married, these are certain things you need to discuss with your partner before setting down.

It’s no news that the institution of marriage is ideally, a life-long commitment. Marriage is a long-term union between a man and a woman. And it’s no guesswork that such a relationship must be built on a strong foundation for both parties to carry along well.

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We can also agree that foundations in relationships rely on the exchange of information by the parties involved over time.

Hence, the importance of meaningful conversation between a couple.

Some of the important conversation topics soon-to-be-married couples must have before getting hitched are;

1. Couples Must Talk About Their Career Goals

What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in five years and ten years respectively? Whatever the answer is, it is important that you let your partner know even before you get married.


Certainly not a one-off conversation, it is necessary that couples begin early on during their dating period to spend enough time discussing their individual career goals. Although this may seem trivial, being abreast with your partner’s short term and long term career goals, helps you align your career goals in the short and long term.

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This alignment of goals will in turn aid in providing a guideline for whether both of you are; compatible after all, willing to get married or decide to go your different ways.

2. They Must Discuss Their Personal Goals And Visions

Talking about personal goals and visions should not be underestimated among couples planning to get married.

In discussing personal goals, both parties will be aware of each other’s dreams, passions, and interests. And not just this, the couple may then go-ahead to work around ways to support each other’s dreams, and goals. In fact, couples may even realize how their goals

3. Couples Must Discuss Children

Individuals hold various opinions on raising children. Some might believe in disciplining by spanking, while others might be more inclined to only speaking or scolding a child. Additionally, some individuals may not even want children at all. Some individuals might want to bear only one child, while others might want a house full of mini-thems.

The variety of choices when it comes to children must not be underestimated by couples. Never ignore the subject matter of children with a prospective spouse. As little as this topic might seem, this could destroy or make a marriage.

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Additionally, discussing in-depth on this subject of children is the key to effectively communicating the opinions of both parties regarding children.

Focus on questions like: How many children do you want to have? How do you two wish to raise your children? What disciplinary measures would you put in place to correct their mistakes?

4. Couples Must Discuss Their Personal Finances

Finances are never a joking matter in a marriage. Bills have to be paid, responsibilities have to be met, children and wards have to be catered for and all of these depend highly on the money.

For this reason, engaged couples must carry out extensive discussions on their individual finances.


What is your net worth? How much do you earn? What is your annual financial budget like? What loans are you still repaying? What financial flaws do you have? These and many more must be discussed between a couple looking to settle together.

5. Couples Must Discuss Their Religion and Values

Although some may argue that this is unimportant, understanding, and knowing your potential spouse’s beliefs, value systems, and religion, is a must.

Remember that humans are social beings who pair off with humans of like minds. Hence, discuss what your individual religions are and how you wish to practice them in your family.

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Are both parties willing to be non-religious or would they maintain the same faith? No one but the couple can answer these questions themselves.

Remember that this article is only suggesting subject areas to base the discussions on and not imposing them. What’s more important is that you talk to cover all grounds with your spouse-to-be before saying, “1 do”.

The End!!!

If you and your partner haven’t started talking about stuff like this, you should start now oO!


  1. Right on point, but how many people do that now when they only get married after impregnating themselves. But I like the write up, pls discuss about the above before saying I do! I have learned my own lesson too!

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