5 reasons why Lagos State is most affected state with coronavirus in Nigeria – No 4 will Shock you

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported another 108 cases of the Covid-19 in the latest news with Lagos State worst hit with 80 cases which as been the State with the most affected cases in Nigeria.

Lagos State with a population of more than 15million people has been the worst hit of the coronavirus with 737 confirmed cases.

Here we mirror out five (5) reasons why the state is the most affected.


Lagos state is well known for its commercial services which as seen its population risen over the years. With people from different states coming to Lagos which they thought is a greener pasture or a state you can earn a living.


Lagosians are well known for their hustle spirit which allows them to thrive to make ends meet. Some even stuck in traffic which allows them to spend most of the time on the road and it is reflecting in the increase of cases with some people still going out to survive through their daily income. Some are even engaging their selves on football matches Ignoring Social Distancing.


Some people still believe the coronavirus is a kind of conspiracy theory which the government is using to raise funds for their benefits. Most of the prepare not well-oriented about the virus which causes some not to believe and they go about their normal life.


People as been expressing their pain and frustration after Lagos state was exempted from receiving money and some certain palliatives with the government claiming the state is mostly occupied with rich people.


With the Lagos State government putting a pause to the recent house demolitions in some part of the state which as left some people homeless after which they have seen their house demolished by the government earlier with them not providing them an alternative resident is one of the reasons why the cases are high of there.

We hope the government will look into the situation to stop the spread of the Virus.


    1. Even the so called big man area on Lagos island 🌴 there so much people suffering there… you need to come check freedom way at lekki despite the lockdown you still see people come out to do one or two to make money you will see so many people on the street begging and lying helplessly and this reach people dwell there Lagos State govt could be the worst government ever considering the masses… poor people suffer a lot they are neglected

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