5 Interesting Facts about Human Behavior you must know

1. Pretty people are automatically more acceptable by people.

Average looking people have to do something above average to get accepted and ugly people have to do something extraordinary!

It is because the human mind appreciates physical beauty and repels ugliness because of immaturity of mind. But in the end, what matters is inner beauty or ugliness and that wiseness comes with experience and time.

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2. Leaving your girlfriend/boyfriend seems much tougher than leaving your friends.

It is because romantic relations induces strong pheromones secretions in your body that cause you to develop strong bonding feeling with your partner. It is not the case you have with friends and hence breaking a strong bond seems tougher.

3. People who get goosebumps frequently while listening to music have a special connection with it.

These people listen to music very frequently and their work capacities and capabilities are partly dependent on it. If they are barred from listening to music for 1 month, their productivity will fall.

It is because the hormone adrenaline increases in their body while listening to the music and that causes more activation, more awakening and better functioning of their body. Plus, it keeps the mind calm.

4. The more attention you give to a person, the more attitude he/she will show you and the less crap he/she will give about you.

It is because as the humans get more attention, their minds tend to think that they are very important and good looking and the person who is giving them attention needs their company desperately and is not equal to them at all.

5. Money instills confidence and happiness in most people. It does increase their need to work.

It is simply because something (cash) this is certainly able to complete each and every need of individuals is very much indeed acceptable for them as peoples need tends to be insatiable.


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