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5 Hacking Methods Used to Break Into Your Bank Account Fund

Your bank account is exposed to hackers if you are the type of person that browse the internet but wait, this day we almost can’t do without the internet. but there is a way you can fish out the attackers and the skill they use in getting your bank information to get access to your money.

In this article, I will show you the five ways hackers get access to your bank account and take all the savings you have been working for.

With so many people using internet banking it should not be a surprise for you that hackers will be hunting for your login details. what should be a surprise is that you do not know how far they are willing to go just to get your login details and access your money.

These are the things that hackers do to get your details and how to prevent them…

1. Mobile Banking Trojans

Technology has been advance to the extent that every bank now has a mobile app for its customers to access their funds easily and manage all their finances. This has been a key target for hackers to send attacks to a user’s phone which is also called a virus. There are many types of viruses but trojan has been the most active virus that has been launched by malware authors and used by attackers.

Fake Apps

The easier way for hackers is by spoofing your existing banking app on your mobile. note that when you get your app on your google play store or your Mac there are some ap that was built in with a virus and also a fake app in the disguise of the app you really want to get. once you have to download the infected app, you enter your details, like username and password, it will be sent top the hacker and this you will not know.

App Hijacking

This is a way different from app disguise to be another but it will be unrelated and what you will like to install to your phone like a gaming app or any other app that has trojan installed on it, once you have installed this app, it will scan your phone for any available banking app and then once it detects that you have to open your bank app it will immediately open a window in disguise for you to enter your login and password. it will then send to the malware author.

most of these infected sites majorly ask for access to read your incoming messages. this will be used to get your OTP for the completion of the hack. You will not notice all of this until you get logged out of your own bank by the attacker. not funny right?

How To Defend Yourself

When you are about to download any app make sure you check previous reviews of the app and also let the reviews count more than 50 or more if not that means it is not the app for you to collect. and also make sure it has a very high download then it is safe for you to get.

When downloading apps from the app store, keep an eye on the number of downloads it has. If it has a very low amount of downloads and little to no reviews, it’s too early to call if it has malware or not.

If you know of a very popular app and it has a low download on the store it is likely to be an imposter!! if you want to learn more on how to avoid Trojan you can click here.

2. Phishing

The public has been savvy toward phishing tactics and this has made hackers upgrade their effort towards tricking people to click their link. One of the coolest tricks is to hack a solicitor’s email account and sending them an email from a previous trusted phishing address.

What makes this phishing hack so devastating is how hard it is to spot if it is a scam. The email address will be legit and the attacker could even chat with you on your first name basis.

How To Defend Yourself

This is what you will do if the email looks fake or suspicious to you, just treat its content with a good dose of skepticism. if the address is not suspicious and sometimes it seems off check if you can validate the mail with the victim that is sending it but do not do that over mail just in case the hacker has compromised the account!

Hackers have used phishing to steal peoples information and identity on social media

3. Keyloggers

This is one of the easiest parts a hacker can take over you to get access to your bank account. Keylogger is the type of virus that records everything a user has input on his/her keyboard and sends the information to a hacker.

Imagine you are logging your bank details with the keylogger malware on your device, which means your password and username have been sent to the hacker and this can make the attacker get access to your account.

Have a good antivirus installed on your device and make sure it check your device from time to time. a good Antivirus would easily detect a keylogger and wipe it off your device before it could do any harm to you.

If your bank or ay money ap you are using support two-factor authentication, make sure you enabled it. this will make a key logger be less effective on your device even if it find it way through your phone it cannot get your OTP.

4. Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

You should know that not al the time a hacker will target your computer to put virus or wait for you to download any infected device to get access to your bank or your identity. sometimes this is what they do, they send an attack called Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, and the name have explained it all, it is when an attacker stay in the middle of you and your bank service provider.

MITM attack always involve monitoring an insecure server and also involve analyzing  the data that pass through. so when you share your login details or identity through the server.

How To prevent Yourself

Do not perform any sensitive activities through unsafe server or a public server. be on the side of security by using a VPN with your home server when you want to perform any transaction that will involve you sharing you personal details.

And also always check for HTTPS in any website you are visiting to avoid fake phishing sites.


5. SIM Swapping


OTP is one of the biggest challenge a hacker use to get when they are hacking a bank account or stilling identity but unfortunately they have a way to resist that or overcome that by contacting your network provider and acting like you telling them the sim was stolen or loss. all of this didi not require your phone to do it

If the hacker was successful the network provider strip your phone number from sim and install it on the hacker sim instead and bam it is done. That is what 2FA and SMS verification is not also 100 percent secure



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