5 Foods Nigerians Eat Which Is Abominable To God


Do you know we Nigerians eat foods that are not meant to be eaten?

We are in a difficult situation today because we are all disobeying God’s word, there are certain kinds of foods God directed us to eat and if not he will cause affliction on us, then ask yourself why are we in this situation? It’s because we ate it all.


In this article am giving you 5 kind of foods Nigerians eat that is an abomination to God our creator:


The Lord directed us not to eat pigs for they are considered unclean by him, he said whosoever eats it will be unclean and affliction will be caused on the person and we Nigerians love pigs like mad. That is a sin before God. You can find biblical backings in these chapters of the Bible: Deuteronomy 14: 3-21, Leviticus 11:1-46.


2. Fish Without Fins and Scale

God said we shouldn’t eat any fish without fins and scale for it will defile us, examples of fishes with fins and scale are:- catfish, pufferfish, octopus, sharks, etc there are more. Nigerians should stay away from all this please, mostly see foods are unclean.


3. Any Animal Or Insect That Crawls

Nigerians eat snakes, lizards, snails, grasshoppers, locust, etc this animals and insects should not be eaten unless we will die like those without God, because when we eat these things God will be far from us cause we disobeyed him.

4. Animals That Died On It Own

The book of Leviticus, the Bible talked about dead animals or animals you don’t know how it died, the Bible said these kinds of animals will defile you and can be dangerous to you.


5. Animals Without Hoofs And Horns

Animals without hoofs and horns are also abominable and should never be eaten, examples are, dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, etc.

You can find all this in the Bible old testament, particularly Leviticus and Deuteronomy.



    1. I doubt if this is true cause God in the bible appeared to peter and showed in what looks like platform with four handles with animals which was then tagged unclean, it was brought down to peter and God said eat and Peter said not so lord I cannot eat what is unclean but God said don’t call what I have cleaned unclean. This means all creatures are given to us for food it depends on you whether you like to eat it or not.

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