5 Common Lies Nigerians Tell Kids About Relationship And S*x


Growing Up as a Nigerian Kid came All kinds of a noteworthy experience. You were fed plenty of stories that would address be untrue. a number of these are religious, some about s*x and your use xu quality, and in fact, a number of them revolved around relationships and dating.

Here, we take a fast write down memory lane and list of these fallacious statements

1) you will get pregnant if you let a person touch you:-

there were different sorts of the statement. Some people were told reprimand a boy would get pregnant, some others were told that such a lot as sitting near a boy would do a trick, of course, you re older now and you recognize better or….. Don’t you?

2) everyone contains a soulmate:-

some still believe that there’s a special someone made specifically for them which a relationship with this person will naturally go as smoothly and as dreamily possible. The truth is that there are many possible options for who would make great, a good partner.


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