5 Burnt To Death, 2 Injured In Accident-Photos

The incident which occurred between a bus conveying Okemu Oil staffs said to be going to the head office at Okomu from Extension 2 and a lorry on 14th of February 2020

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In the evening along Igobazuwa road at Ovia south-west Local Government area of Edo state which resulted in the deaths of 5 people by burning and two other people critically injured and presently hospitalized.

The victims were not able to be rescued on time as the vehicle was gutted by fire immediately, this was gathered from an eye witness present at the scene.

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This is said to be a very sad day for the people at their place of work especially on a day t=that is celebrated amongst loved ones…

An official report, however, ha not been issued by the assigned government agencies.

See Photos:

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