July 2, 2022
While some people are using this lock down period to invest in essential business opportunities, gain skills or just catch up on some TV shows, some are trying to extort celebrities by threatening to release their nudes.
While some people are using this lockdown period to invest in essential business opportunities, gain skills or just catch up on some TV shows, some are trying to extort celebrities by threatening to release their n*des.

Here are three female celebs who recently been contacted by blackmailers threatening to release their nudes.

1) Toke making;- the media person is saying no to Blackmailers who have attempted to extort her with a fake n*de image she received an email from an online source called TOMMIK ONLINE. Attached to the email were doctored photos of herself with an instruction to reply to this email, else the images would be released to the public. Toke explained on Instagram how disappointed she is that people are still creating fake nudes to try to extort her.

She then warned the scammers to stop sending these Scott’s of emails because she does not have money for them

She add on Twitter that when she choose to posein the nude, she do that posting by herself

196 thoughts on “3 Female Celebrities Who Have Been Blackmailed With N*de Photos

          1. All I know is that, there is a reward for anyone who’s doing all these…

        1. If it’s hunger,there are other ways u can beg for food and cash not trying to blackmail somebody with fake nudes

        2. Some lazy Nigerians are fond of scamming especially youths aside from being hungry.

    1. They shld have thot about that earlier b4 using their private photo reckless

  1. I don’t know why some people could be this so heartless. All in the Nam is blasphemy, harassment, hatred and many more.
    God, pls we need your intervention.

    1. In what way o…because you are a celebrity and u have too much of money…abi what way???

  2. Any body in this life that love to spoiled his or her fellow human being by the time they to stop that when God will now start to punish or give them bad reward.

      1. Guide what you do with your mobile phone and social media…hmmmm

          1. You see ba, by the time you do funny things with your mobile phone and then Someone else gets to have access to it. I can assure you that those things will be used against you when you want to step up in your career in later years. But then when you are conscious of being careful with whatsoever you do with your phone. You are not just protecting your self, you are as well securing your career’s future.

            These persons we read about now that their nude photos were used to blackmail them fell victim of this because they refused to guide strictly what goes on with their mobile phones and probably what they once posted somewhere on the social media. So no one could have had access to their nude photos if they have not directly or indirectly given it out or became insecured about it.

            I hope you understand now.

  3. This may be blasphemy but the celebrities should also learn to do the right thing.

  4. Celebs shouldbe more careful of whom they lay with someone is trying to be famous

  5. There are no profit in this kind kind of game why exposing someone when you won’t gain anything from of it, rather waisting your data

  6. This is what most Nigerians are good at…. blackmailing people, rubbish act.

  7. Y would someone even take nude pictures. When we all know it can fall into wrong hands as it has now

  8. The way we Nigerians behave nowadays is getting bad and out of hand feel so bad

  9. Pls I wish this ladies dressing have naked should be giving open disgrace

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