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23 Funny Acronyms you don’t know their Meanings?

Here are some funny acronyms you probably don’t know their meaning. They are mostly used when having a conversation with someone and it really fun when having to use some of them..Below are the most used ones which some of us don’t even know their meanings

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SMH: shaking my head

LOL: laugh out loud

LWKMD: laugh wan kill me die

BRB be right back

WTF what the

fuckIJN in Jesus Name

WCW women crush Wednesday

MCW Man Crush Wednesday

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KMH Kill Me Here

OYO: On Your Own

OMO Obasanjo Must Obey

BOSS Build On Self Success

HOPE Hold On, Pain Ends

WTF Worst Than Failure

WIFE Worries Invited, Forever and Ever

WATER Wonderful and Total Energizing Refreshment

SWAG Success With A GoalSCHOOL Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Life

MATH Mental Abuse To Human

HATERS Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

FYI Fuck You Idiot CLASS Come Late And Start Sleeping

ADIDAS All Day I Dream About Soccer. More funny acronyms to come soon.

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