2 Female Thieves Were Forced To Drink Dirty Gutter In Port Harcourt


Two female thieves who confessed to be prostitutes have been caught and forced to drink and swim inside a thirty gutter in Port Harcourt in Rivers state. The girls were beaten mercilessly by a mob after they were caught.

It was alleged that the female thieves used master keys to steal from people. They would wait until the house owners have left their homes and use scissors to cut nets before using the master keys to open the doors and cart away their valuables.
One of the girls identified as Uchechi from Imo State said poverty and hunger forced her into the crime.
The incident has caused outrage online as some people have condemned the punishment meted out on the alleged thieves.

“I know stealing is wrong but to beat them and then make them put they face in the filthy disgusting disease ridden water is just too much. Are they any better than them acting this way?” another person added.

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