10 Year old female Nigerian employed to be coding instructor in U.K school

Emmanuella Mayaki,the young Nigerian girl who was given the task to teach in a school at the United Kingdom is aged 10 years. She was employed over there to be coding instructor,she specializes in coding and programming and has become a girl-genius in this study field area.

According to viral News, she got employed at the Southfield Primary School located in Coventry,England, as the coding club teacher after school.

According to Face 2 Face Africa, her task is to tutor her fellow mates on the fundamental coding which includes HTML and CSS. Because of her exceptional technique and cognizance in this study area, she was the chosen one for the job.

The intellectual young girl’s zeal for technology bloomed at the age of 7, she obtained a diploma with specialty in manifold software programs with the addition of Advanced PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing, and Advanced Excel. Further more, she is still acquiring more knowledge in diverse coding languages and programs.

Meet 10-year-old Nigerian Coding Genius, Emmanuella Mayaki, hired ...

According to Face 2 Face Africa, she had an interview with them.Her statememts are below:

“There are about nine students in the club, on September, the club will increase in number, in an hopeful manner.”

“My Academy App is currently amongst other apps on Google Play Store, the platform where I transfer knowledge in coding and graphics. I reminisce, when I was 7, I determined to become a professional wed designer and analyst at age 9 which I have effectuated.

“I was pretty nervous on my first week of teaching due to the cause  that I had never taught a group of children but my experience awe-inspiring, my skills became more endowed and I became more experienced. I noticed some of the pupils did not get how to go about it on starters trail and some just rushed through it in a jiffy.”



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