10 Reasons why you must celebrate “Valentines Day” – No 4 will shock you

Valentine is a day made for Lovers, whom they hang out and spend time together and they even get to share and discuss what has surrounded their love. It is a day to be remembered, while some are together trying to settle the grudges between them, some are out there, showering love on each other.

We have come up with some reasons why “Valentine” is a day to be celebrated and here are the top 10 reasons”

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This is a perfect opportunity for you to let the cat out of the bag, its a day you can seize to tell your secretly crush how much love you have for her. in case you are a shy person, you can get her a gift and write “Your Valentine”.

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We all make promises to our loved ones and it’s a good day to fulfill those promises. its a perfect day to make it up to our partner whom we find excuses whenever it pops up.


You can get to prepare a special meal for each other, while the couples prepare different kinds of food for each other to get to have a taste of the feeling. Most men are not great in cooking but some are actually gifted when it comes to preparing food. Its a day to show what you are capable of doing in the kitchen.

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(4) PARTY 

When was the last time you actually have to hit the town together, get to watch movies at the cinemas, head to the bar to shake bodies, invite old friends and celebrate together, it a good to make it happen?


It a day to send gifts card to your loved ones and your family, letting them know how much you love and care about them. Showing your family and people close to you how much you love them.


When was the last time you spend time with your partner in your home, busy schedules and business trips are mostly what most partners engaged in these days trying to make ends meet? Today is a perfect day for couples or lovers to spend time together alongside their kids.

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It actually a good time to take a break from your work, trip to have fun, going on a road trip and having to go on a romantic trips with your partner.


It is a day to shower each other with gifts, getting dressed up for dinner, staying in the honeymoon suite at a Five Star Hotel and also visiting a day Spa together.


Writing love letters and poems is a very creative way of letting or showing your loved ones how much you care and love them. and today is a good day to be one of those creative day you can be a genius.

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People have honoured St. Valentine ever, the patron saint of romantic causes right from the middle age. It was originated as a Western Christain Feast Day hourning one or two early saints named Valentinus and it was a commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions of the world.

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