10 financial freedom lessons from Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert kiyosaki

  1. Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the book Rich Dad poor Dad. After reading the book I learned so many financial techniques. He posit that financial and medical assistance is the most needed tool in society. Below are the ten financial lessons.

1. People who avoid failure consequently avoid success. This is in connection to a say that failure is just a success postponed, meaning that with a more tweak you would definitely win and become successful.

2. Failure inspires winners and defeats losers. He addressed that it is all about how people see the fear that determines if they lose or win in life. Meaning that you must be strong and doing well.

3. Information is important, it helps you to get in before the next boom and get out before the next bust. This clarifies itself, stressing on the importance of information, one who is informed is not deformed and he is powerful.

4.poor people have a poor habit and rich people have good habits. Here he explained that the poor ones save to spend and the rich save to invest and earn more and this makes their habit either good or bad.

5. You work for whatever you need. This encourages people to know how to work for whatever they need, instead of begging or finding a way to rebel against the law or steal people’s belongings.

6. Emotions are what make us human. He addressed that emotion means energy in motion and understand that we feel somehow when turned down or when not getting all we want. He corrected that we know how to control our emotions.

7. Take a risk, remembering that you learned how to walk by falling and not how to fall by walking. He encouraged people to take risk options and learn how to manage risk instead of having fear for it.

8. Understand the difference between your business and your profession. For example, he maintained that a banker can have another business he runs, and his job is a banker but his business is different.

9. Investing is the science of money-making. He addressed that if we invest from our savings, it works for us, and continually investing our money, it begins to generate a steady flow of income for us.

10. God designed humans to listen more than we speak. This he explained why God gave the man one mouth and made every other feature on the face two, like eye, nose, ear but the mouth is only one opening.


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